Finance Analytics


  • PeopleSoft Embedded Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics is now part of your PeopleSoft application
  • Various data actions and numerous eye-catching interactive visualizations like- geo-mapping, curve charts, micro charts, and more.
  • Increase your ROI on PeopleSoft investment
  • Users get what they want and where they want – All at one place
  • Single – Sign – On
  • 360 Degree Integration
  • Seamless integration between PeopleSoft application and the analytics server
  • Ease of access – users access analytics within transaction system and then click on the analytics to see the transaction details
  • Highly secure analytics server make use of PeopleSoft security implementation
  • Robust security through user level restrictions



  • OLAP Engine
  • Access all the dimensions and measures for easy slicing and dicing of the data with OLAP viewer
  • Drill down, Drill up and Drill across facilities enhances the analytical capabilities
  • Data marts or Reporting database are not required as custom Sqls can be used to create OLAP cubes directly from the PeopleSoft transaction database.
  • Customizable. Extensible. Scalable
  • Customize the analytics as per your preferences – choose a simple single-view presentation for ready reference of key metrics, or have an analytical report full loaded with functionalities to play with, and more.
  • Extend the solution to include your organization specifics
  • Expand your usage as the popularity of SmartAnalytics gains ground in your organization



  • Export. Print. Email. Schedule
  • Export the reports in various formats like – Excel, PDF, Word, and more
  • Use pre-defined templates or create one on your own to export your data
  • Print reports directly and Email the reports in various formats within the organization or even outside.
  • Schedule your Cube built at Daily, Weekly and Monthly frequency or create one-time / recurring jobs to Email, Print, Upload or Publish reports.