Reporting is now simplified with SmartERP’s Smart Analytics, the feasible and smart solution that transforms information into insight, thus allowing business users to take effective action. Smart Analytics is a front end reporting solution that can connect to Oracle’s database. With just a few clicks, you can get all the data from the Oracle data source for your analysis. Smart Analytics is an analytical platform that allows users to play around and slice & dice until they reach the view they want. This view can then be saved for future reference or shared with other users.

Advantages as an organization:

  • Smart Analytics is faster and easy to deploy as it is ready-to-use (plug and play)
  • Saves development time since Smart Analytics is a pre-built solution with built in reports and dashboards. As a business user, all you need is connection details for your Oracle database.
  • Plug and Play: Users can access the Smart Analytics reports and dashboard with just one click
  • Live data access directly from the transaction system
  • Customized reports as per business requirements
  • Access data on the go – enables user to access the data from any location, at any time
  • Standard, OLAP and Ad hoc analysis

Smart ERP Solutions’ Smart Analytics has been continuously evolving and enhancing business intelligence features over the years, delivering scalable and robust solutions to thousands of satisfied users worldwide.